Central National is a division of Central National Gottesman (CNG) a leading global distributor of pulp, paper, packaging, tissue, nonwovens & fibers, wood products and metals used in business, industry and in the home.

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Nonwoven Solutions

Today’s Materials. Tomorrow’s Planet.

We believe in preserving the Earth’s resources through innovation, that’s why we are expanding our presence in the supply of sustainable nonwovens & fibers used in products every day, around the world.

Expanded Supply Chain Footprint

Our global locations and local knowledge provide direct access to a range of products, helping producers and converters extend their supply chain footprint and provide surety of supply.

Informed Insights
and Expertise

Our knowledgeable nonwovens & fibers team understands the industry’s current and emerging technologies, providing customers and suppliers with access to innovation and “what’s next.”

and Financing

Our US-based finance team and global logistics presence are here to help ensure ease of delivery around the world, with all-in costs and simple terms so there are never any surprises.

CNG in Nonwovens and Fibers

We bring a global view to our products and services, with decades of experience moving, buying and selling goods in more than 100 countries around the world.

Simplify and streamline your nonwoven supply chain

Financing terms and conditions to support your growth

Provide surety of supply

Gain access to innovation

Premier customer service from US based technical service, commercial, and logistics teams

Off-shore technical, commercial, and logistics teams in the manufacturer’s region, ensuring quality and efficiency

Market and transportation insights to support strategic decision making

Cost control

How can we help you?

Our premier customer service capabilities include support from US-based technical service, commercial and logistics teams, as well as off-shore professionals in the manufacturer’s region, ensuring quality, efficiency and cost control.

Lyocell and viscose fibers

We distribute viscose and lyocell, the plant-based fibers used in products such as wipes, feminine hygiene products and textiles. Our technical expertise in this category brings clients an understanding of the uses and environmental advantages of these materials.

Disposable and durable nonwovens

We supply the nonwovens used in diapers, wipes, adult incontinence products, and feminine hygiene products, helping consumers to transition away from fossil fuels and reduce Single Use Plastics found in everyday products in pursuit of a more circular economy.