• Central National offers a wide array of resources that can be tailored to the individual needs of each supplier and customer.

    These include sales, trade finance and risk management. Central National also has expertise in logistics, invoicing and export documentation. Through these resources, Central National is able to design customized marketing and sales plans to ensure a steady flow of products.

    • Sales & marketing
    • Logistic Solutions
    • Inventory Management
    • Risk Management
    • Finance
    • Trade Services

    Central National built its reputation on financial strength, stability, experience and continuing relationships.

    Its enduring success is due to its constantly evolving business practice. Central National not only works in growing markets but also continuously seeks out new and emerging markets. Central National’s close relationships with consumers and suppliers in every major market ensure its long-term advancement.

    Technology has also played a significant role in improving Central National’s efficiency in communications, logistics and management. Most importantly, Central National is staffed with bright and innovative experts from a variety of fields giving the company flexibility and a great wealth of experience.