Central National is a division of Central National Gottesman (CNG) a leading global distributor of pulp, paper and forest products used in business, industry and in the home. Visit us at www.cng-inc.com.

Connecting the Global Marketplace

We deliver the products, knowledge and services our clients value in a dynamic and changing commercial environment.

We sell more than three million metric tons of the pulp, paper, tissue, packaging and plywood products used in industry, business and in the home.

With commercial representation in more than 100 countries, Central National covers the industry with professionals in strategic geographies around the world.

We bring the best thinking, creativity and service to our business, with skilled teams to handle logistics and technology, finance, risk management and trade services.


Generations of Leadership


Years in Operation


Global Locations


Countries Sold Into


Central National builds on five generations of family ownership, market knowledge and adaptability to deliver an uninterrupted flow products and create value for clients and suppliers around the world.

We sell and move forest products with speed and accuracy from mill suppliers to customers around the world. Our more than 200 professionals have extensive insight into the commercial markets where we operate, and a thorough understanding of the business goals of our clients.

We help bridge the gap between suppliers and customers with flexible financing, risk management and credit services. Our expertise in multi-currency trading, invoicing and hedging means our supply partners can react to constantly changing economic and operating environments.

Central National partners with organizations expanding or re-purposing facilities or constructing new mills, providing sales and marketing programs that seamlessly take product to market.


From Asia to Europe, South America and beyond, Central National is truly a global organization. We sell into more than 100 countries with offices in 26 countries around the world and a commercial presence in 75 additional locations, representing a diverse set of clients and suppliers in the pulp, paper, tissue, packaging and plywood industries.